03 March 2008

Al-Qaeda In Somalia Hit

No word seems to be out yet on whether or not we hit Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, but if we did, then that's a big time target in the terrorist network taken down. From the article with regard to Nabhan:

Nabhan is wanted for
questioning in connection with a hotel resort homicide bombing in
Mombasa, Kenya, five years ago, and for a shoulder-fired missile attack
on an Israeli passenger liner.

Here's hoping we got him. We took out a big target in Somalia a while back so these types of strikes have a track record of success.
The embassy bombing in Kenya was particularly devastating and the attempted murder of Israeli citizens while traveling on a passenger craft should tell you all need to know about this sub-human's desire to murder civilians. The attack was a little risky and you don't pull the trigger unless you have a very high probability of hitting the target and our military rarely misses their mark.


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Anonymous said...

A cruise missle costing well over a million dollars to take out one pee on

No wonder we spend 700 BILLION on defense