18 March 2008

Obama Refuses to Accept Responsibility, Sets Race Relations Back 20 Years, and Insults Everyone's Intelligence

The Libs are a swooning after Obama's speech today, but I stand here, completely and utterly offended at the audacity of dishonesty that he dished out today. Of course there are racial issues in today's world, but that's not really what he did today, not at all no, rather this is what he did:

Obama's mentor Rev. "Amerikkka is EVIL!" Wright got nailed for spouting out fundamentally untrue and vicious lies about our nation, accusing the nation of racism, of "deserving 9/11", of creating the HIV/AIDS virus to kill off its citizens, etc. By Obama's own past admissions, Wright was a huge part in shaping his religious and political beliefs.

So how does Obama answer the charge that his mentor is an anti-American hate peddling hack? By playing the race card.

Race did not make Rev. Wright go up on stage and scream "God Damn America", his politics did. His completely unhinged nutroot mentality made him do that. Race had nothing to do with it. So once, Obama pulled the race card, and played it hard, to dodge having to answer the true questions about the CONTENT of Wright's speech. Here's some video:

Also notice Wright's thinly veiled reference comparison of Obama to Jesus, something that his supporters often do. You'll also notice the scary cult like mentality of the church members, much like his supporters. He also says rich, white people are his "enemies." He also refuses to judge the CONTENT OF THE CHARACTER of black Republicans for not following the cult of liberalism.

Well, let's just look at the speech from today. He excuses Wright's obvious racism as being acceptable because of what has happened in past generations. That's crap, and it's a lie. It's not right. So would a white person who gets jumped by a black person be excused for having prejudice after such an innocent be excused? Would a black person who gets robbed by a white person be excused of prejudice after the incident? Of course not, it's still racism. However, that was not the issue. The issue was politics.

Barack Obama never condemned Wright for his political speech from the pulpit, something the left goes wild over if someone who leans right would do. Obama did not approach this as what it is, a political issue. Instead, he is now riding the race card hard and fast. They've been doing this for quite sometime. If you don't support him or criticize him, you're a racist. Well, here's the truth. The man's politics suck. His speeches are delivered in incredible fashions and he has amazing oratory skills, but they are devoid of any concrete ideas, or if he does present a concrete idea, it's so far to the left that it's unreal. He talks a great game and he's playing the race card like a Vegas card shark.

He says in his speech, that he won't disown Wright because that's not fair? Really? Well, that's just a plain old lack of intestinal fortitude and leadership. If you're entire campaign is run on "hope and change" and doing things to advance and "raise America" up, then by definition you are required to get up and walk away at a minimum. I'm sure Obama would not have a problem booing a cheap shot at a sporting event, but he can't even walk away when he hears insidious attacks like Wright's? He admitted he had heard them before, was at speeches where Wright said things like in the videos above, and he kept going back. That's not leadership, that's a farce. I've had jobs where on break I've heard racist things. I walked away and when asked by one of the people I told them why. I'm not a political leader, I'm not anyone special. Yet, somehow Barack Obama can't even follow his own words? In his case, words speak louder than actions, and that's all he has, words. He's done nothing in the United States Senate and all he did today was illustrate that he is not someone who will change this nation for the better, but will sharply divide this nation even further and give a special "racist-branding" weapon to his supporters to go out and label all opposition to him. Martin Luther King's speech talked about judging people about the content of a person's character, and not their skin color. I could care less if Wright or Obama were white or black. Wright lambasted this nation, in a near treasonous fashion and Obama knew. He did nothing. He kept right on getting advice and consultations from Wright and his race baiting, America bashing ideals. That's wrong, no matter who, no matter the color.



Armond said...

People who have views like you are the reason why America is Struggling. You want to pass it of as a liberal left speech but the fact of the matter is that regardless if you like it or not it the truth. Yes slavery existed, yes it sucked. However Bush and large corporations are turning us all into slaves and you don't think so look at the average young American. All they want is out children to go to clubs and party, get drunk, and drop it like its hot. Do you really want them running out country… ever? Well you can thank interest groups and large corporations that don’t give back and BUSH.

Anonymous said...

Given the bumper-sticker, drive-by media that we have today, Obama's speech was remarkable in the way it harkened back to a time in America when people would actually think about issues rather than imposing the gotcha litmus tests the media loves so much. It saddens me to hear the malignant cynicism coming from Obama's most determined critics. Maybe we're just not supposed to be inspired anymore. But I still am.

Caomhin said...

1. Bush is not to blame for the lack of values of young people. Neither are companies. The people themselves are to blame. It's time to stop passing the buck. People for too long have skirted taking responsibility for the own actions or the responsibility of being an adult in the first place. It's called free will and individual choices. That's where the fault lays.
2. It was clearly a liberal speech. I know you don't read my stuff on a regular basis, but be sure to see where I blasted Ron Paul and the element that comprised his nut case 9/11 inside job theorists and race hate spewing supporters. Politically, and from an utter lack of reality I blasted them. Same goes for Wright. There was no need to turn this into a racial issue. Insanity and stupidity can be found in all races, ages, political parties, etc. We need to call them out on it.
3. It's not cynicism, it's reality. What Obama did was turn a crack pot's utterly nonsensical views into a race issue. There was no reason for that. He should have condemned the views, explained why they were wrong, and that's that. Instead he up there and played the race card, setting race relations back years. Obama has accomplished nothing in his time in the US Senate, and while, yes, he is a man of incredible auditory skills, inspiration comes in actions. Inspiration, however small, comes when you hold a door open for someone, it comes when you smile at a stranger, that's how change starts, with an individual doing the right thing. It's uplifting when a stranger comes to your aid. It's utterly appalling when you attempt to skirt responsibilities or excuse people because "that's what they knew" as he did in Wright's case. According to that logic of "it's all they know" then people in the KKK should be forgiven too because that's what they believe. It's wrong, totally and completely wrong. Inexcusable is inexcusable. Having a silver tongue is one thing, but he's not done the right thing on this issue and his ideas are comprised mostly of terrible, vastly left wing ideas, which is what I disagree with. It's a radical concept, judging someone based on thorough thought on the issues. It's also quite frightening that his supporters follow him around and sing his praises like he was the leader of the Heaven's Gate Cult.