10 March 2008

EU, WTO Need to Raise Up

I'm all about diplomatic relations and having means to regulate trade, specifically, free and fair trade, in which consumers of the nations involved are opened to new products that increase the level of competition and is reciprocal in nature in terms of taxes, tariffs, etc. However, such free trade, and the accompanying grievances involved in such process must absolutely respect the laws of the nations involved. The EU and WTO are greatly overstepping their bounds by investing the practices of the United States with regard to internet gambling. Here's a section of the article:

European companies claim a U.S. ban that forced them out of the lucrative American market discriminates against them in violation of WTO rules, while permitting domestic gambling companies, particularly those offering betting on horse races, to flourish.

In 2006, the WTO had ruled against a U.S. ban that stops American banks and credit card companies from processing payments to online gambling businesses outside the country.

There are strict gambling laws in the United States, decided upon by our legislature, who have been elected by the people of the United States. These laws are the ones that the EU and the WTO are attempting to exploit in order to advance their business practices in the United States. Previous efforts by the EU failed in the WTO, but here they are trying again. The investigation is not limited in scope to just the industries that are considered legal gambling within the United States and are not as well regulated and scrutinized as they are here. The efforts by the EU through the WTO openly seek to undermine the laws of our nation and should not be allowed to succeed. I am one of the biggest proponents of the free market, the sale and movement of products across the border, and of the utility derived by the consumers. However, when one organization seeks to forcefully assert itself into a heavily regulated market that would circumvent the laws of this nation, that effort must be shut off immediately. What the EU is attempting to do amounts to nothing more than open contempt for the laws of the United States.


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