06 March 2008

Encounter with Obama Supporters

On Tuesday me and Riss went to one of our favorite establishments, "Big Woody's" in Forks Township to get ourselves a good meal. The place makes excellent food and was great for watching football, which we miss tremendously. We were kind of surprised that there was a large number of cars for a Tuesday night and were dismayed when we say the big Obama poster on the door when we entered. To the left were all the Obamanuts, who in this case, were comprised mostly of aging hippies. We quickly made our way to the opposite side where we could be as far away from a scene that we had no interest in being around. We ordered our food and while waiting for the order to come up, the live band, which the aging hippies had hired, started to play a peculiar song. A certain Eric Clapton song that Obama had a penchant for. I apologize for the video being sideways, but I have no way to edit it and turn it right side up (Feel free to do it for me and the email it back to me if you know how to do it):

You'd think Obama supporters wouldn't be too keen on playing "Cocaine" at a rally, but the entire set they put on was essentially a sound track for pot smoking, rapidly aging, flower children. That wasn't all though. One of the heads of this little get together began approaching our table. Here's how that went down:

Obama Supporter: "I'd hate to interrupt you during your dinner..."
Rissa: "Oh, please don't,"
Caomhin: Scowling
Obama Supporter, with a load of voter registration documents: "We're with Barack Obama and we're just trying to make sure that everyone is registered...."
Rissa: "We are registered REPUBLICANS and voting McCAIN."
Obama Supporter: "Oh, that's OK, we're just trying to make sure everyone..."
Caomhin: Still Scowling, food getting cold, agitation growing
Rissa: "BYE!!"
Obama Supporter: "Oh...." proceeds to walk away and then complain to a few Obama supporters about us.

First of all, the woman had no right to interrupt us during our dinner, which was rudely interrupted and she continued to press even after Rissa had asked her not to come over to us. She then tried to keep pressing after she knew who we were supporting. I had an extremely agitated look on my face while she continued to press until Rissa was finally sufficiently upset to just yell "BYE!" at her. As the little rally continued the people on our side began to filter out as someone with a whiny voice tried to get the crowd to say "Yes We Can," to which they would have been right in so far as if the question had been, can we ruin other people's dining experience. A few people who left were visibly agitated and one even said something about McCain before throwing his money on the bar and leaving, dealing with the gathering for about one minute, to what appeared to us to be someone who decided to vote for Sen. McCain after witnessing the madness that surrounds Obama's campaign. I guess people all over should be expecting this nonsense in the coming months. However, I did learn three important lessons that night. 1. Idiot left wingers can ruin even some of the best food out there. 2. Obama's base has a sizable amount of burned out, old potheads. 3. After witnessing a mass for the Obamamessiah held by his loyal apostles, it had such an impact on some of the people there to either flee the bar or on the spot decide that were going to vote for McCain.


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