01 May 2008

Global Warming Hoax Becoming More and More Obvious

So what's the leftist, global warming hoax peddling tool to do when it's announced that global warming is on a "10 year break"? Of course that's going forward from now and doesn't account for the DROP in temperatures over the last few years. For starters, they're not about to admit they are completely wrong. They simply can't do it. It would fly in the face of the premise of the hoax in the first place. Global Warming is nothing more than a Leftist agenda to promote global collectivist ideas. They won't admit they are wrong, but even if they did admit it, it would go something like this, "well it was for moral reasons..." Which is exactly the kind of garbage the fascists pedal all the time when their schemes are exposed.

I know that some people reading this will essentially say that I'm something of a "flat Earther" as Al Gore would say, but let's for a moment pause to consider some of the tenets of Global Warming:
1. The world is overpopulated (i.e. abortion as a means of population control is a good thing)
2. Scientists who have produced evidence to the contrary of global warming hysteria or expressed doubts with regard to the theory are silenced (suppress opposing speech)
3. World governments need to pass binding resolutions in order to reach common laws regarding carbon and greenhouse emissions (surrender national sovereignty to an international body)
4. Through these international organizations and restrictions control the means of production and determine what levels are acceptable to be manufactured (the destruction of capitalism)
5. Limit the use of carbon to those who can pay high taxes or "carbon credits" (a type of restoration of creating a class of serfs)

I could make list that goes on and on, but again, I realize that many of you are thinking that I am some nutjob for precisely some of the reasons I touched on earlier. I urge you to consider the destructive ethanol bill and it's impact on the world. When our Congress passes the ethanol mandate and produced huge subsidies for corn, they did so with the best of intentions, but intentions don't make for good policy, as we have seen. In the short time since this bill passed, world food prices have surged, famine and malnutrition are on the rise, and there has been no reduction in our dependence on foreign oil. Ethanol can not even be transported with our current pipeline system, meanwhile, we have largely hampered the free market to develop the technologies that are readily available and clean, such as nuclear, solar, etc. Additionally, in the short term expanded drilling and oil production domestically would have a huge impact both on our economy and on our energy supply. The government's intervention, however, has hampered the development and implementation of what many fair minded people would agree would be the fastest and best solution to our energy problems. No one would agree that depending on foreign sources for our energy is a good thing. Meanwhile, you have to give John McCain credit for not pandering to Iowans today when he told them flat out, he's against the destructive farm subsidies.

There are many economic friendly things that can be done to preserve the economy including recycling, using a water filter instead of using tons of bottled water, not littering, using a mulching lawn mower, etc.

Global Warming and they hysterics behind it, however, are nothing more than a political ploy by the left to get individuals to surrender their rights to people who "know better" than they do, and that is a very, very dangerous idea.


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