07 May 2008

McCain's Character

The Navy released John McCain’s service record and confirmed what everyone knew, the man was an amazing officer who did everything conceivable, and then some, for his country. The entire article is worth reading to truly digest just how great of an American John McCain is. He did not refuse to go home early from a Vietnamese prison camp for money or promise of political power. He did it because it was the right thing to do. He did not abandon his mission on the doomed flight that resulted in his capture before completing his mission. He was decorated in nearly every way possible.

I will admit that I am not in total lock step with John McCain; I think he is wrong on immigration and that his affinity for the global warming non-sense bothers me a bit. However, Sen. McCain has made his mission in the Senate to seek out common ground on common sense issues in order to reduce corruption and curtail wasteful spending, and he has been successful in doing so. He has irked many within his party for working with hard leftists like Feingold and Kennedy but he has been successful in doing so and has always conducted himself in a professional manner, a man of great leadership ability.
This election is very unique in many ways. Undoubtedly America is fed up with the current state of affairs. Among the major candidates left, however, John McCain is the only one with a proven track record of reconciling major differences between hardened partisans. He is the only candidate who is committed to free market principles as solutions to health care, finance, and the economy as a whole. He is the only candidate who has not made raising taxes a banner of his campaign, in fact, he is the only candidate committed to cutting government spending among the major candidates.

That, my friends, is why we should be supporting John McCain. He may not give electrifying speeches, but he harbors no inner distrust and disgust for First Amendment rights. He does not rebuke a person who has made asinine statements for 20 years only for politically expedient reasons. He has, however, rebuked those who he works closely with every time they have gone off the deep end, and he does so without hesitation. He too is fed up with the corruption and craziness in Washington. He’s the only one will be successful in doing so. He is the only candidate left among the major parties that is not Fascist in nature, a hardened leftist determined to grow the government, punish successful corporations, and take economically suicidal positions against free trade that only benefit certain Union (special interest groups) at the cost of American consumers and taxpayers. That, among many reasons, is why John McCain must win this election.


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