15 May 2008

Will CBS Ruin C Net?

I sure hope not, but CBS has purchased CNet for $1.8 billion dollars. I'm a little perturbed by this. I've had CBS on Snarfer for a while and still haven't come across anything useful from them since I installed the program. The last thing they did that was worth mention was Dan Rather's foaming at the mouth "fake but accurate" defense of using fake documents in his liberal rage against President Bush, which of course resulted in his losing his job and his credibility. Brought down by a moron with Microsoft Word, how sad. On the other hand, CNet is one of the most useful tech sites out there, with outstanding reviews provided by both their editors and a community of users. They also provide some cool news blips as well. I've checked CNet with prior to making many a purchases. I really hope CBS keeps their paws off of CNet and allows them to run as an independent site, basically, just let them keep on doing what they're doing, or they will risk ruining a great website.


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