15 May 2008

Obama A Sleazy, Sleazy Politician

No surprise really. Think the Democrats are going to turn around sometime soon and get a little mad at the media for not properly vetting one of the most liberal and underhanded candidates for higher office in quite some time? Oh, I'm sure they're getting ready. He's already used not so subtle sexist references to Hillary Clinton and has already started discriminating against John McCain's age, this of course, after he supposedly somehow missed the fact that his pastor was a foaming at the mouth lunatic after sitting about 1o feet from him every week and heard every speech the guy gave. Only after it was politically expedient for him to distance himself did he do so. Character guy. He was so unsure of Rev. Wright that he continually called him a "spiritual mentor" and a close personal friend. Friends never hear friends express opinions right?

Well, ABC has a nice story about how Obama diverted Millions upon Millions of dollars to his political allies. His wife also benefited as you already know, from his political activities. In fact, everyone around Obama who was willing to do his dirty work or was a special interest he agreed with, got some money thrown at them, while he hurls disingenuous promises of somehow being "different" than anyone else. In terms of egotistical, he's right on that point.

Worse yet, it's now almost legendary how far MSNBC and the AP as well as other media organizations are in the tank for the guy. An unquestioning media who serves as a propaganda wing is what gets most dictatorships moving along rapidly. Even worse is the whole Messianic idea behind his candidacy, and the photos taken by the media and the presentation of such are extremely disturbing. See here and here. Feel free to Google Chris Matthews and Obama and see the results. You'll also note that many older style Democrats (Clinton, Leiberman, etc) have started to go on record as saying that Fox News really is the only fair network left. That is, the only network where the political analysts aren't fellating Obama.

You'll also be pleased to know he's lied, and blatantly so, on many occasions. One such is his idea of appeasements towards terrorists and dictators, which President Bush called him out on today. He says that's a lie, but check out the video and screen cap that was captured by Hot Air's Allahpundit, taken straight from Obama's website (side note: if you put it on the web, you can't just take it down and say it was never there, moron). The media's reaction? He never said that. Somewhere in the distance I can hear goosestepping from the liberal minions circa 1939 Germany.


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