31 October 2007

Harry Reid's Selfish Waste of Tax Payer Money

"Which example am I going to cite here," is probably what you're asking yourself, but the one I'm going to highlight here is the debacle of Reid's Liberal special interests taking precedence over the evidence in regards to the California Wildfires. Reid, as most Lefties are, is totally consumed with Global Warming so much so to the point that it goes back and forth with President Bush as reasons for anything that occurs. The stubbing of toe, a headache, etc.

When the fires starting, the Senate Majority Leader (ugh) made his move to say that the wildfires were the result of Global Warming (which is based on junk science as it is). Well, it turns out that's not the case at all. However, he was and still is, calling for Congressional investigations, which will start on Thursday:

On Tuesday the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming announced a hearing:

“A Spark Neglected: Wildfires and Global Warming,” it labeled the proceedings scheduled for Thursday.

“Select committee to examine link between changing climate, frequency and intensity of wildfires,” the description continued.

A committee spokesman said the hearing “was prompted by the wildfires out West and the view of some scientists that the increasing size, frequency and intensity of these fires is affected adversely by global warming.” A panel of scientists will testify.

Pure waste of tax payer funds for multiple reasons. First, notice the nifty little headline, "A Spark Neglected". That's actually pretty funny that they would put a title like that on a Congressional study. Stupid. A select committee (gee I wonder if the people selected will have a bias in favor of Global Warming since they are for sure to be on the payrolls of companies that benefit from products that sell 'carbon-credits' and other ridiculous items) will examine the link between the climate, frequency and intensity of wildfires. The findings are going to be that "the drought conditions in California lead to the wildfires and these were caused by global warming, and manbearpig must be stopped, so we are asking everyone to move to a major city and abandon your cars and stop heating your houses." It's asinine. Maybe if they weren't so tree huggingly weird out in California they'd thin the forests out a bit, maybe put some more firebreaks in the forests/woods. But none the less.

What makes this a giant waste of time for anyone not in the snake oil/global warming business is that the cause has been found. Arson, of course, caused by a boy playing with matches. Think the committee will even once mention that a kid with matches started the fires? Not a chance. Can't blame anyone but who or what they want to be the cause so they can make the money off of it, by promoting fear to a gutless Left Wing base. You'll remember the drunken "I was assaulted...oh wait, I was hammered" Randi Rhodes went so far as to accuse Blackwater of starting the fires out in California to feed her hapless colony of moonbats. These people are morons. Global Warming, President Bush, Blackwater, none of them had anything to do with the fires. The fires were caused by arson and spread rapidly due to over regulation of the forestry system in a far left state where they are still arguing amongst their eco-warriors why wind farms (which kill birds) should be scrapped completely even though it lowers the use of fossil fuels (which they say causes global warming). He's pushing this hearing through despite knowing that the fires were started by arson in order push forward an agenda that will make a person profit for him and so that no one questions his decision to blame global warming the second the fires started. Not only do I question their patriotism, I question their sanity.


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