25 October 2007

The Left Wants to Blame Bush for the Califronia Fires Even Though It Was Arson

Really, is there anything they won't blame on Bush? The sun is setting....Damn you to hell George Bush! It's simply too amusing anymore due to the level of stupidity on the left to take anything they say about our President, or most anything, seriously. The cause of some of the fires was arson. When they catch the son of bitch(es) responsible, I hope they lock them up forever. My aunt lives out in San Diego, so yes, this does have some personal effect on me, but for some asshat to go out and do this intentionally when draught conditions were high, thereby guaranteeing mass chaos and devastation, it's simply evil. Here's the link on the declaration of arson being involved.

Additionally, "Global Warming" was not responsible, in case you missed that news flash, and was one of the first things the Left tried to blame this on. The Bush Bashing Mainstream Media (MSM) is in full Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) trying to compare this to Katrina and blaming this on National Guard members fighting for our security and liberating Iraq and Afghanistan from terrorist sociopathic thugs. Here's one of the best clips in TV history as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fends off and completely owns a moonbat reporter looking for anything that she can to try blame this horrific event on President Bush:

Let me just also say, and most importantly, that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this tragedy. I can only imagine the hardships they are experiencing. As with every tragic event in this nation, it is the people who we should keep in mind the most, and we, as American citizens, wish you all the best and have our deepest condolences.


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