25 October 2007

Media Bias Headlines of the Day

As if we already didn't know just how far to the left the media resides. The first one is classic:

Cuba's Alarcon Uncertain of Castro's Re-Election

Ha ha ha ha. Reuters. Go figure. First of all Castro is a dictator. The "election" in Cuba pretty much consists of a gunshot to the head of any Castro opponents. Second of all, the guy is dead. Think he's been wearing that blue jumpsuit for a year and a half straight now? Can a dead dictator be re-elected? What a joke.

Next let's shift attention to Iran, with this classic moonbat headline being brought to you by the AP via Yahoo:

U.S. Ups Nuclear Tension With New Iran Sanctions

Oh really? We increased the tension by not laying down and letting a terrorist regime who has stated numerous times their ambition to "wipe Israel off the map" get a nuclear weapon. We increased tension by playing hide and go seek with nuclear inspectors? The other laughable aspect of this is the implication that since Iran doesn't have full nuclear capabilities at this time it's that we are holding them hostage with our arms. Read it again "U.S. Ups Nuclear Tensions with Iran Sanctions." The media is insane. For further proof of their anti-Israeli, anti-American stance watch this video of a member of the Guardian new organization in Britain reporting on terrorist in the act of shooting rockets at civilians in Israel. Obviously reporting a terrorist act, which he had prior knowledge, the location, and the means of carrying out the act, trumped, oh say, saving the lives of innocent Israelis. So really, whose side are they on?


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