23 October 2007

Props to Hot Air...And I Think I Know Where the Money is Coming From

Their blogging on the ongoing Clinton Scandals is great. Read these three recent posts, trust me, you won't be disappointed:

Another Hsu Drops: Hillary Earmarked Big Chunk of Cash for the New School

Hillary Campaign Refunded $7,000 in Donations From Chinatown Fundraiser

Democrat's Donating Hsu's Dirty Money to Charity Instead of His Victims

Awesome job of reporting. Keep in mind this little tidbit that John McCain brought up in the last debate. Out of control spending indeed. But there is a link between Hsu, the Woodstock money, and New School University being overlooked. That link? Joel Rosenman. Rosenman would not have simply handed Hsu $40 Million and not kept any track of it, regardless of how many drugs the guy probably did. So what's the importantance here? Rosenman is close....very close to the Clintons. Given their past track record, they have a way of using "buffers" from illegal tactics getting back to them directly. Check the Peter Paul story. Hsu used some tactics to reimburse people who donated to Clinton and in other cases, either forged or fooled people into donating to Clinton. So while some people are thinking that the majority of money was coming from the alleged "missing $40 Million" that Rosenman irresponsibly gave to Hsu I have another theory. A GREAT ONE. Here's a tidbit from Boston.com:

Disgraced fund-raiser Norman Hsu did a lot more than just pump $850,000 into Hillary Clinton's campaign bank account: He also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local, state, and federal candidates who have endorsed Clinton or whose support she courted.

Here's a clip from The New York Times:

In addition, Mr. Hsu donated about $100,000 to the New School, where he is a board member and where a scholarship is offered in his name, according to Bob Kerrey, the former Democratic senator from Nebraska who is president of the university.

Now admittedly I'm not completely fact checking the dates, but I'd like to point this one fact. Out. $850,000 + $100,000 = $950,000. Why is that number important? Where have you heard it before? Right here, Senate Bill S. 1710. From the aforementioned Hot Air article. $950,000 was the EARMARK THAT HILLARY CLINTON STUFFED IN THAT BILL. The attempted Woodstock bill involved Rosenman as well, but without buffer Hsu, who has probably since been replaced. I'm asking all right wing and truth seeking bloggers to help track out the earmark record of Hillary Clinton, who has long had the desire to run for president, to research these earmarks, which are being redistributed in the most illegal fashion, back into her campaign war chest. Its hard to explain but I KNOW this is not just a gut feeling.


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