16 October 2007

Yet Some More Examples of Socialized Medicine

Behold the glory that is the British dental system. Sure, we all get some cracks on them for having less than average teeth, but really is this what anyone thinks is a good answer? The socialization of their dental care is leaving people to pull out their own teeth....in some cases with pliers. Yes folks, that is exactly the system that we need to follow right? Ugh.

Stateside, the Republic of Moonbatia (aka San Francisco) is moving toward socialized Illegal Drug Injection Centers. Yes, this is true. The SF Gate has the disturbing article here. Notice how this is kept a bit on the down low. Sure, inject yourself with Oxycontin, Heroin, or whatever other drug you can get. The City of San Francisco will just give you clean needles. The cover is to stop the spread of HIV, but that's a weak argument. Tax payer money going to drug addicts so they can get high? Really? Not even something like...oh...a treatment center? I might go along with this is they promised free needles....and then pulled them into a treatment center by force, but this is getting out of hand. This is socialized treatment. But then, what do expect from the city that provides you THIS. Click Every link in that Post. Moonbattery at its finest.


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