15 October 2007

Fox Business Network Debuts

Kudos to Fox for making the new network pretty damn sharp. I was flipping through DirecTV today when I came across it, not actually knowing it was up and running for the first time today, I selected it and was pleased to be able to check it on Day One. Very sharp looking, great picture quality, and I liked the gold fonts they used. It wont be long before they are crushing everyone in the ratings here, which of course will draw the ire of the moonbats. But hey, they are great at what they do, are actually balanced between conservative and liberal views, and they make the news a little more entertaining. There really is no competition for them since the traditional MSM is so far to left and uncreative with anything unless it involves comparing President Bush and all Republicans to Nazis. Nice little write up of the launch over at Breit Bart. Here's the first line, which is pretty much what you should expect from such a solid ship as Fox:

Rupert Murdoch's much-anticipated business channel started Monday as if it had been on the air for 10 years.

So kudos to Fox once again on yet another solid programming choice.


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