10 October 2007

What the Hell is Bush Thinking? FRY MADELLIN

The case of Jose Medellin is disgusting. He and his gang raped and sodomized two young girls (ages 14 and 16) before strangling and stomping them to death. Everything about this case is absolutely disgusting. This piece of trash deserves the death penalty and the flames of hell that subsequently await him. Read the whole article for more description. Put yourself in families of these victims.

At the heart of the looming court case is that Madellin, an illegal immigrant, who was read his Miranda Rights and subsequently confessed to the crime, is now challenging his conviction because he never informed he had the right to contact the Mexican consulate. Of course Mexico is backing their illegal immigrant offspring and now President Bush is too. He can not be let go because of a technicality. The precedent is awful. There are many other cases out there as well that follow this pattern where Mexico will allow their thugs and criminals illegal entry into our nation only to see our innocent civilians slaughtered at these pieces of human garbage's hands. What this basically says is that if Mexicans come here illegally and commit vicious, murderous acts, they are damned near assured of never being punished. Hardly a surprise since they are not punished for illegally coming here in the first place. Bush is wrong on this, and we need to call him out. He crotch nuzzled Mexico during shamnesty and now he is actively working to save a vicious double murderer's life, defying our nation's laws.

Mexicans here illegally are getting better treatment than our own citizens and it is outrageous. Their government is actively helping them to break our immigration laws and dumping their criminals upon us, decaying our society. They have no intention of seeking citizenship and why should they? They get free health care, pay no taxes, and are not subject to the same laws that we are. Build the damn fence already or allow the border guards to start shooting. This guy needs to get his justice. We need to stand with Texas. A technicality is just that. This evil human being needs to meet his just fate for the brutal raping, sodomizing, strangulation, and then stomping of a 14 and 16 year old girl. I don't care if this guy is from Mexico, Canada, Pluto, or the Andromeda system. Allow Texas to carry out the execution and end this monster's life.


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Anonymous said...

yes he deserves to die. but, fuck you and your stupid fucking racist comments bitch! you fucking hypocrite. We all came from illegal immmigrants dumb ass. and not all immigrants are bad. You better thank fucking god for allowing your ancestors illegaly immigrate fucking prick!! You are the lowest piece of shit that has ever lived. you are the same as fucking bush and his corrupt stupid greedy government. i hope you all fry for being stereotypical fucking hypocrites.you fucking NAZI! you are Hitlers bitch! But i am against bastards who rape and do wrong to any kind of woman. young or old. but not all immigrants are bad or from mexico idiot. Just ask bush and his fucking terrorist friends. Answer this. Why does fucking mexico allow Americans to go there legally? and solicit young fucking kids to have sex with? or to score drugs or to fuck up mexico even more??? And i am a GRINGO living in mexico. The mexican people are far greater people in spirit and respect. the people here have more HOSPITALITY than any other place i´ve fucking seen. i´m tired of my country trying to be something they are fucking not. i am against their hypocritical ways and thinking. wake the fuck up. stop with your bullshit. fuck yea, let´s kill all the bad guys or let them rot in their cells. but don´t fucking stereotype every damn mexican. it´s just like saying that every american is a fucking Nazi.