15 October 2007

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should be Arrested

Since Reid was so interested in gaining some additional seats in the Senate due to the war, if he thought one of the seats they will lose would be his own if not in 2010 during his next election, than by popular demand. You see, for as bad as he talks about President Bush (who himself is not exactly Mr. Popular right now, but because he is doing the unpopular thing of doing the correct thing), Reid is less popular in his home state, a favorable rating of 32%. Democrats are just dumb enough to think that the elections are all about Iraq. They are wrong.

Historically, Democrats only come to power when the GOP screws up their fundamental beliefs. They did so prior to the last election. They accomplished this by not sticking to our values of lower taxes, smaller government, stronger national security, and personal responsibility. They did by acting like Democrats. Had the leaders we elected stuck to their vows and did what they were supposed to do, the Dems would still be in the minority. In reality, it was probably a good thing that we lost the election, a warning shot from the electorate that if they are going to vote for us, it has to be for the reasons I pointed to above as well as keeping Federalism alive in this nation. It's amazing that a known central government loving Joe Biden can show up on stage with Sen. Brownback trumping for Iraqi Federalism when Biden himself doesn't care much for it in America, even though that is the exact system we have here that he and fellow liberals want to eliminate. God forbid states decide issues for themselves and not the almighty Federal Government.

Do you really think that Reid and his Congress have the all time worst ratings for Congressional Approval simply due to the Iraq War or because, as Reid has retardedly stated, of President Bush. Harry Reid is simply not a leader. He's an idiot. He keeps proving it time and time again. The bulk of his approval ratings are coming from people who are probably finding his attempts at leadership so comical that they are actually watching an extended version of Mad TV. He's a pathetic person who bashes President Bush and our soldiers and then stares into the TV for his MoveOn overlords like "Look at me! Look at me! I made fun of the president, where's my check?"

Sadly they will never learn, and shamefully, unpatriotic, and illegally they have a new and dangerous plot to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. While the news on the war is constantly getting better, from Basra, to the news that casualties are dropping dramatically, Reid and Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi have resorted to attacking an ally since World War II in order to backdoor defeat and put our soldiers in grave danger. The resolution on Turkey is a political stunt designed to weaken supply lines into Iraq, which will compound with the Turks taking military action in Iraq against Kurdish rebels, erasing all gains that have been made since the war started. This will completely destabilize the region, as Iran has been shelling the Kurds as well. What's even worse than escalating the war in the region in order to get votes domestically is their out and out audacity to call out the current Turkish government for the actions of the Ottoman Empire. Once again, I QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM AND THEIR COMPASSION FOR HUMAN SUFFERING. No resolutions on Burma, no support for peace keeping troops or military action in Darfur, they kept their mouths pretty much shut when the Rwanda genocide was occurring, they refuse to do what is right for the purpose of being right. It's all about the votes with these assholes.

For all the talk about Bush alienating us from allies and being divisive, it seems to me that Western Europe is a stronger ally now (see France, Germany, Denmark, etc) than was before. Australia has never been closer to us. Yet it's the left who is turning away allies in the war on terror and states that could have positive impacts in the region from Saudi Arabi, Dubai, and now Turkey. Sure they all have their problems it's not like they are as strong an ally as Western Europe, the Czech Republic, Poland, or Canada, but they are key allies in the region. This resolution will only result in Bin Laden or one of his demon minions popping up and saying, "see, they are critical and hate all Muslims" which will recruit more terrorists, while drying up supplies for our troops, and increasing violence in Iraq. Just so the wildly unpopular Congress can destroy the freedoms we brought to the people of the region, kill Iraqis at a rate never before seen, possibly escalate the situation to World War III, in order to run to Code Pink and Move On and say, "there we did it, where's our check." Iraq is not the reason they won the last election, but Iraq may be the reason they will have to live on knowing their actions will result in another genocide if their Moonbat overlords have their way. A thousand Iraqi lives mean nothing to them if they can generate one more vote. They are horrible human beings and they are traitorous.


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