31 October 2007

Outsourcing the Democratic Presidnetial Debate

I know some people may be looking for news about last night's debate in which Hillary Clinton's double talking on illegal immigrants getting licenses from New York's Stalin-esque political opponent spying Elliott Spitzer may have 86'd her campaign, so I'm just going to redirect you to a few news articles and to Hot Air who once again has outstanding review of the Night of the Living Braindead that was the Democratic Presidential Debate which includes video:

Fox News: Democratic Rivals Gang Up on Hillary Clinton in Debate

Politico: Obama, Edwards attack; Clinton Bombs Debate

Hot Air: Video: Clinton Flip Flops Around Elliott Spitzer's Licenses-for-Illegals Plan

Hot Air: The "Everyone Nukes Hillary" Debate!

I couldn't stomach watching that garbage myself, so I'm just redirecting you to some places who actually watched the zombies perform last night. Have at it folks, great, great stuff.


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