11 October 2007

Media Bias and Muslim Threats Rolled into One Convenient Package

I know I'm beating a dead horse and preaching to the choir as most of the readers here already know this, but occasionally we do get the independent reader who is a little enlightened by something I throw up here. So here we go. Today Muslim leaders signed a letter urging the Pope to acknowledge the similarities between Islam or Christianity because the fate of the world depends on it. Nothing in their letter suggests that they are willing to co-exist with Christians unless Christians acknowledge the greatness of Islam, the parallels (yes there are some with the actual texts) of the faith, lest we be faced with the destruction of the world. So does saying unless we capitulate with their demands or face eradication equate to an offer of peace? Of course not. That' s not how some wings of the media present it....of course. Here are two headlines and stories on this issue, one from Time, one from Fox News:

Muslim Leaders Send Peace Message

Muslim Leaders Warn Pope "Survival of World" at Stake

You already know which newsroom wrote which one. Liberal Time views this message as a peace offering. Fox, which really is fair and balanced, states the headline as it is. They did in fact write a letter warning that that the "Survival of the World" is at stake. What would be a true factual headline would be "Muslim Leaders Threaten Christians with Death if they Do Not Accept Second Class Status." Need I remind you why these "peace messages" are coming? First, let's not forget the Muslim death threats to the Holy Father for speaking a factual statement in September of last year. Then this September, the Holy Father spoke out again radical Islam and their anti-Christian ways. Again, this is factual stuff here, here's an excerpt from the Daily Mail, click on the text to explore further:

The Pope has again risked provoking the wrath of the Islamic world, by criticising its treatment of Christians.

Benedict XVI attacked Muslim nations where Christians are either persecuted or given the status of second-class citizens under the Shariah Islamic law.

He also defended the rights of Muslims to convert to Christianity, an act which warrants the death penalty in many Islamic countries.

Yes, that's human freedom there, the death penalty for leaving Islam, another shining example of Sharia. Research Sharia and really understand what this letter means. It's a threat plain and simple. What's really remarkable is Pope Benedict came out firing even harder, knowing his life is at stake, something that a true religious leader does. He spoke out on anti-Semitism, and Iran specifically at the World Jewish Congress:

The Pope attacked Iran as he pledged to help world Jewish leaders in their fight against anti-Semitism.

Pope Benedict XVI told leaders of the World Jewish Congress that Iran was “an issue of big concern” to him.

At a meeting at the Vatican, the Pope spoke of his concern about rising anti-Semitism and described how he wanted to use educational tools to counter the hatred of the Iranian leadership towards the Jewish people and Israel.

Maram Stern, secretary general of the World Jewish Congress, said after the audience: “We thanked the Holy Father for everything he did for the Jewish people, and more importantly what he will do.”

He continued on to recognize the threat of Iran. Incredible, kudos to the Holy Father. Rarely will you see me talk about prophecies or predictions, but this bears mention. If you really want to be amazed, and possibly freaked out, click here. I read this before Pope Benedict was appointed. Read the whole thing. What also should be examined is that an Iranian "moderate", Rasfanjani, who sadly would be more pro-USA and Israeli than almost anyone in the political environment in Iran, made this little gem of a news item today. Remind me again, how they are the Religion of Peace? Not to be confused with the truth, which of course is the Religion of Peace. Hit Little Green Footballs for Info about the newest news storm at Columbia. We are in a fight, for our lives, for our faith, for our survival....and guess which side our Liberal media is on? The Truth Shall Set You Free.


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