16 October 2007

A Pop Quiz and More Media Bias

Q: Who tried to book a flight to San Diego first upon hearing of the massive cockfighting ring?

A. Barney Frank
B. Larry Craig

They obviously didn't realize the story was about birds. This is just as deplorable as when Michael Vick was murdering dogs for his own sick and twisted pleasure. What is really interesting here is the media bias in regards to the story. Here is the article about the massive animal cruelty ring in San Diego. Here's the bulk of the article if you're feeling lazy:

After raiding a San Diego district close to the Mexican border, authorities said on Monday they had shut down an extensive illegal cockfighting ring, arresting 50 people and seizing more than 5,000 birds.

The raids, conducted on Saturday, followed a six-month undercover operation, authorities said.

"This is the largest cockfighting ring ever busted up in the United States because of the number of defendants and the number of birds seized," said San Diego County District Attorney's spokesman Paul Levikow.

So where does that bias come into play? Well let's see, no names or descriptions of suspects were mentioned. Remember that Vick and his co-defendants were all outed immediately. Would the MSM, the very left leaning MSM want to skew their article on this blatant and despicable operation in order to protect something that goes against their political agenda? What could they be trying to cover up, that they would support? Where is cockfighting legal? The mainstream media protecting ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by skewing their story? You betcha.


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