02 October 2007

More Evidence of Sharia Invading our Society

I dare you to read this article and not be upset. Are these people serious? We are a melting pot, not a stratified multicultural nightmare that the Liberals would love it to be. This is bullshit plain an simple. You know what? If you don't want to be a part of a capitalist society, then don't come here. Here's a little snippet from the article above:

Approved Muslim lenders typically set up Sharia compliance boards, with input from scholars and clerics, to guide their policies, and devised variations on acceptable loans.

Under the plan of Guidance Financial, for example, a homebuyer enrolls in a co-ownership program with Guidance. The lender buys the house, then sells it to the homeowner in increments over the next 15 to 30 years.

''Some people would say, 'That sounds like the same thing as a mortgage,''' said Guidance spokesman Hassam Qutub. ''The difference is the risk is shared in the event of a foreclosure. The lender assumes more risk than a conventional bank.''

You know some of the other nice things about Sharia? Beating women, beheadings, subjecting non-Muslims to lives as indentured servants and second-class citizens, forced conversion, and murdering innocents if you can get one crazy ass imam to say its justified. Again, I'll reiterate, I'm not anti-Muslim, but I'm anti-multiculturalism. If any person comes here and refuses to integrate, that's their problem, not the rest of the nation's problem. You come here, you become part of the melting pot, or get rolled over. Every nationality has dealt with this integration and I'd say we did pretty well until this ultra-PC liberal moonbattery took root. Do our leaders even have a single vertebrae left?


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