31 October 2007

President Bush Blats Democrats for Being Lazy, Dems Respond by Giving Themselves off on all Fridays

If ever there was something that exemplified the freakshow that is Nancy Pelosi's Congress. President Bush is completely on offense against the Left Wing Congress and is beating them horribly, like the Patriots did against the Redskins. First, let's look at Bush's attack on the lazy interloafers currently running our Senate at an 11% approval rate:

President Bush blasted Democratic congressional leaders Tuesday, saying Capitol Hill "is not getting its work done" and warning Democrats not to send him measures he has threatened to veto.

Flanked by House Republican leaders outside the White House, Bush said the Democratic-controlled Congress was conducting too many investigations and engaged in "endless series of failed votes to pull our troops out of Iraq" instead of passing major legislation.

That's a devastating uppercut from President Bush. The Democratic response was basically "but..but...but...We hate you President Bush." Pathetic. Bush is absolutely right in his statement and the Dems hate nothing more than the truth. The backdoor attempt at Socialized Medicine that would cover Illegal Immigrants known as SCHIP is going to be vetoed again should the Donkeys try to turn it from a $5 Billion program into a $40 Billion program funded by tax increases. The only thing the Dems did in Iraq was put more Iraqis and troops in harms way by their shameless, reckless, and deadly condemnation of the Ottoman Empire. The war has turned so sharply in favor of the U.S. since the surge began that Dems look more and more foolish and exposed in their defeatist ways that they are purposely not giving the troops any credit and kicked up a scandalous condemnation of the Ottomans that has directly agitated the Turks into aggression against the Kurds. They knew that would happen and I call that traitorous. They attempted to create more chaos in order to placate their base by making a case that violence has not dropped sharply, which of course it has.

Now what the MSM, the liberal partners in crime for the Left Wing, is not reporting on too much what the Dems did to do EVEN LESS that what they have currently done in Congress. The Donkeys have congratulated themselves by accomplishing nothing by GIVING THEMSELVES OFF EVERY FRIDAY NEXT YEAR:

The House majority leader, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, told fellow Democrats this week that the House would not be in session next year on Fridays, except in June for work on appropriations bills.

Should we not be able to overthrow these lazy good for nothing, defeatist, tax and spending, morons in the next election I may throw myself off a cliff. The electorate can't be that uninformed right?


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