06 February 2008

This Should be a Mandatory Law

In South Carolina, there is a bill in the State Legislature that would require mandatory drug testing for candidates running for public office. This is one of those common sense items that should be a slam dunk bipartisan effort and I hope it becomes law. Drug testing has definitely benefited the private sector and to be honest, I'm quite surprised this isn't a uniform law across all states. Being in the position of being a public servant is an honor and a privilege. I find it repulsive when an elected official engages in such illegal behavior and yet it seems that we have a system where politicians are not held responsible for their actions. Such is the case with Sen. Larry Craig. The guy should have resigned long ago. Regardless of whether what he did was legal or not, such behavior is not acceptable for a public servant. I hope South Carolina passes this law and it spreads like wildfire across the nation. It's high time we place a high, high ethical standard on our elected officials.


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