11 February 2008

Mansour Dadullah Captured

Great news on the Afghan front as Mansour Dadullah has been captured. Dadullah took over for his brother as chief terrorist in charge in Afghanistan after the other Dadullah got taken out by our forces. What makes this catch especially strong is that it occurred during the ongoing debate in NATO about supporting the effort in Afghanistan. I'm sure this will only help secure and reaffirm the effort. It's interesting to note as well that he was taken in Pakistan. That's even better yet as I'm sure the Pakistanis will have no problems harshly interrogating Dadullah. It also raises a stronger possibility that al-Qaeda and the Taliban had jointly assassinated Benazir Bhutto. It's also important to note that Dadullah is pretty close with bin Laden as well as Taliban leaders. I hope the Pakistanis milk him for all the information he has that can help the Afghans, the Pakistanis, and the NATO alliance in the fight against global radical Islamic extremism. Very good news indeed.


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