25 February 2008

Leftist Media Forced to Admit that Economy is not going into Recession

If you knew anything about economics you already knew this. Like a typical far left tactic, this little pipe dream of theirs fell far, far short. A recession occurs when two quarters of negative growth occurs. I laughed every time I heard ABC, CNN, NBC, etc go out and tell the general public not only would one occur, but that we were ALREADY in one...which was a ridiculous lie. We had positive growth last quarter. We weren't in a recession. Now they are admitting that just because for the first time since Clinton left office and handed over a recession to the current administration, we weren't seeing such large percentages of growth, that doesn't mean that a recession is going to happen. I can hear the lefties now, "DRAT! We needed that narrative for the elections." Yea, well, you can only lie so long before people do some research and verify that, yes, the left wing was using their typical scare tactics....and lying...again. Expect the narrative to change for them as soon as they figure out which element of fear and insecurity will work best for them.


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