06 February 2008

Democrats Playing Games with Tax Money in an Attempt to Buy Votes...Again

The Republicans made a solid move today, blocking the fattened stimulus package from advancing in the Senate. The Democrats are making the same accusations that they normally make, but it's pretty apparent that they are using this package in an attempt to buy votes. You'll remember that the package was quickly and an in a rare bipartisan fashion put together in the House with input from Sec. Paulson. That bill was originally around $140 billion that would be funded by widening the budget deficit, which was bad enough. The Senate Democrats, however, subsequently pushed through their own version of the bill stuffed with earmarks for their pet projects and in an effort to pick up some votes in November. The business tax breaks that were to be offered in the Senate package were set aside as "green" rebates, and the tax "rebates" that they expanded amount to nothing more than welfare checks. A true "rebate" goes to the people who are paying the taxes. Should seniors and veterans be given some assistance? Yes, and that's not the argument here. The stimulus package is irresponsible without being paired with budget cuts. Secondly, it needs to be called a welfare package as that is what it truly is as well as a means for our politicians to remind voters they gave us tax breaks, and you better believe that this will appear in all types of commercials come this fall. I think Sec. Paulson put it best and I'll leave you with his thoughts:

"I am increasingly concerned that in the Senate, the bazaar
is open, the special interests are coming to the trough and
that when I'm reading about and hearing about things like tax
rebates for coal companies, the benefits for oil well drilling
and things like this, I'm concerned that it's going to get
bogged down," Paulson said.

"I'm concerned if we see things that aren't stimulus and
aren't going to get money to the American people quickly, we'll
get bogged down." he added.

Paulson said he would prefer to see the Senate pass the
House of Representatives' $146 billion stimulus bill, which
relies mainly on tax rebate checks and faster expensing of
business equipment purchased this year.

True indeed Sec. Paulson.


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Anonymous said...

i just don't understand
maybe it's just to simple or is it really just about greed and what can i get out of this