25 February 2008

Bush Administration and Vatican Appeal to Castro II to Allow for Cubans to Actually Have Rights

Well, we know that plea is falling on deaf ears. No worries, though, Barack Obama stands ready to appease Raul in any way possible...along with Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez, dictators everywhere, while threatening to invade our allies in nuclear armed Pakistan. What amazes me is that with Fidel having been dead for a few years now and Raul having run the show for the same time span, that our lovely media still found time to fellate Fidel, most notably CNN, who caused an unbelievable amount of human suffering on the island nation of Cuba. Real change won't occur with Raul or any of the other old guard, hard core communist thugs running the show. I hope Fidel and Che are enjoying their stays in whatever Circle of Hell the devil found fit for them. The people of Cuba deserve their freedom and I would like to thank the Cuban people, especially, in places like Little Havana, who have shown the world their express desire to be free people and expose to world to Fidel's sadisitc behavior. The media wanted to wonder why there weren't more widespread celebrations at the news that one of the Media and American left's icons "stepped down" from the presidency? Because the people of Cuba know that, unfortunately, it's going to take a lot more than the Cuban government taking the first step towards admitting Fidel has been rotting in the ground for a while now, to really change the situation in Cuba. Obama's love for dictators notwithstanding, if Raul doesn't see the light (which he almost assuredly won't) then we should view the Cuban government for what it is, a bunch of thugs usurping the right of the people to live freely and we need to show the world that we will reach out to and help the Cuban people while exposing the world to just how tyrannical the communists calling the shots on the island are.


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