11 February 2008

Death Penalty to Be Sought for 6 Terrorists with Ties to 9/11

The most notable of the six is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was the mastermind of the attacks and 5 of his cronies who were instrumental in murdering over 3,000 people on September 11, 2001. Now, the six hardened and psychotic terrorists will finally be facing their rightful fate. As with many issues that are security related, how long before the liberal scourge comes charging to their defense? How long before the ACLU files suit for them? Liberal groups constantly attack the Bush Administration for a variety of outrageous charges while simultaneously espousing idiotic sentiments that somehow the terrorists are not, in fact, evil. It amazes me that people could possibly hold a view like this in today's world. People like KSM have made it their life's mission to murder innocents and to bring down the ways of Western society. It is not America, per say, that they have declared war upon. It is democracy, free speech, free assembly, women's rights, freedom of religion, etc. It's everything that we stand for as a nation. The Democratic Party, in general, can not understand this. They assail President Bush and use the left wing media as a means to bring themselves to power regardless of how it ultimately effects this nation. It becomes that much worse if they recognize that truth about Islamic radical terrorism, yet would choose to ignore this fact for the own political agenda. What that amounts to is psychological support for terrorists, undermining our nation's prestige and ability to hunt down and bring to justice the terrorists who are determined to end our way of life. These six soul-less monsters will go before a military tribunal and receive justice. We should be supporting our government and military with regard to this issue.


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