11 February 2008

Good News out of Iraq Today

Wow, it's been a pretty good day for the War on Terror. In addition to the news from the previous post, we see today that public support for the War on Terror has hit a three year high, the Russians have forgiven the Iraqi government a massive amount of debt, and al Qaeda's own internal documentation shows just how throughly the forces of the Surge have dismantled al Qaeda in Iraq. All in all, great signs. Let's look at each individually:

1. Even while Democratic leaders have attempted to lie through their teeth about the effort in Iraq and the War on Terror, things have gotten so much better now that the MSM and Democrats have been forced to cut back on the vast lies they've spewed in the past. Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, Obama, and the bunch are still advocating their cut and run policies, as they have long since tied their political futures towards our defeat in the War on Terror. Much like al Qaeda in Iraq, it's failing. The public is starting to see truly, that things are getting much better and the support is coming back. Credit Gen. Petraeus's counter insurgency model immensely for these developments.

2. Some people will dismiss the Russians forgiveness of billions of dollars worth of debt, but it should not be overlooked. In fact, this is even further proof of political reconciliation developing within Iraq's borders. Why? Do you really think that the Russians would be wiping Iraq's debt off the books in order for Russian companies to begin business dealing within Iraq if they thought for one moment that the investments would not pay off? Reconciliation in Iraq is pushing forward, especially after the deal that was reached with former Baathists to allow some of them back in the government. Iraq is making a turn around, albeit a bit slowly, that should be recognized even more so now that foreign investments are starting to trickle into the nation.

3. It's pretty self explanatory when documents are seized that proves that al Qaeda in Iraq themselves are noting how much of beating they are taking from US and Iraqi forces. The only thing I'd like to add to this is the fact that if anything, these documents likely downplay how much of a pounding they are taking. They are being routed.

Again, this has been a great day in the War on Terror and I'm sure we will see many, many more days like this in the very near future. So long as we remain on the offensive, we will win. What we cannot allow is for American politics and those on the Left with high political ambitions to allow our nation to fail to win what is an extremely winnable War while we have our opponents pinned to the ropes.


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