11 February 2008

Dead Dictator Chides John McCain

It's laughable when a communist leader tries to assert moral superiority over democratic leaders to begin with, but it is quite literally a joke when Fidel Castro, who has been dead for sometime now, comes from beyond the grave to chastise John McCain. The communists beef with Sen. McCain? That Sen. McCain stated that a Cuban agent had helped show some of the Vietnamese guards at POW camps certain torture tactics. I don't doubt that for one minute. First of all, communist nations have always stood together and supported each other, a sort of failure support failure comradery. During the Vietnam and Korean Wars, the Chinese had given military support to the communist regimes be it through intel, weapons sales, etc. The old Soviet Union also gave a great deal of support to the Vietnamese during the war. Knowing how close Cuba was the Soviet Union and the communist movement in general, don't think for one moment that they didn't have agents over in Asia during that time period who would have loved to have dolled out some punishment to American G.I.s. The fact that this criticism being leveled comes from Raul Castro, or another element in the current Cuban government, is laughable. The Cuban government has done extensive damage to the Cuban people. I support the Cuban blockade and the call for the government to move toward democratic changes. The Cubans are a proud, strong people, who deserve to have control of their nation back. We should support the Cubans in their effort to regain control of the government as well as the freedoms that many who have fled the communist island now enjoy here in America. Tyrants and criminals like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were nothing more than thugs with an undying bloodlust who took great pride inflicting pain against the people. For a much clearer insight into the ongoings in Cuba as well as just who Fidel and Che really were, I encourage you to read the works of Humberto Fontova.


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