26 February 2008

Iran on Path To Nuke Israel Twice as Fast

...Due to their development of a more effective uranium refining centrifuge. It's beyond transparent what the Iranian regime is doing. Russia, under the leadership of Valdimir Putin, a "moderate" of course, is selling them nuclear fuel as it is, so how is it that certain parts of the international community have the audacity to deny what they are doing? This thing is going to come to a head at some point and it is not going to end in way that will at all be acceptable to all parties. Russia's profit generating experience in dealing with the Iranians will ensure that they will do their best to keep milking that cash cow, coupled with their assertion of threatening Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Poland with their offensive nuclear arsenal, as well as their blaming the United States for the Kosovo situation, point to their complete and total support of the Iranian regime in the future. All this leads Israel into the most dire of situations. With Islamic radicals being increasingly backed by openly hostile nations who will in the near future have the means and will to drop weapons of mass destruction upon them, it becomes that much more important that the United States and other nations step up efforts to stop this reality from occurring (we most likely have less than one year).


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Abe Bird said...

Where were the "brilliant" US Intelligence Comunity just 3 months ago?
Is the US blind so much?