31 July 2008

Why No Mention of Obamagirl?

If the moonbats want to go out there and state as Allahpundit is saying, that putting pictures of white women around Obama somehow suggests racism, why isn't everyone pointing to Obamagirl? That's what got him his national exposure more so than his speech at the convention did. Most people aren't into politics like that to remember that speech but sticking that skank in a video with him sure did. Their real worry is that the image of the trainwrecks like Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears is going to stick. Adverstisers have known for decades that sex sells, so what goes around comes around.

Who's the real racist here? Everyone who criticizes Obama and doesn't intent to support him is a racist, regardless of how horrible they think his ideas are? When he was out bashing people from my Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as bitter, gun-clingers, who believe in God, who do you think he was taking a shot at? Who was the one talking about Hillary Clinton's "claws" and mocked her as "Annie Oakley" when she talked about her support of the Second Amendment (which, of course, was a lie)? Who's the one whose surrogates throw racial bombs at everyone? Are we really to believe that Rev. Wright was correct and that if Bill would have dropped an N-bomb on Hillary that Obama's candidacy would have been for not?

What this really shows is that Obama is extremely insecure and has a terribly, terribly weak glass jaw. One of these days his cockiness is going to make him stick it out there and someone is going to shatter it. Let's hope its before the election and McCain does it, lest it be Iran or some terrorist organization.


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