31 July 2008

We're #1! We're #1!

A couple in Lansdale, PA was busted after going on an 18 month house-egging spree. That's got to be a record, congratulations to my beloved Commonwealth of Pennsylvania! I live in Easton, PA and I have a friend who lives in Lansdale, PA, about an hour south of here. I know the area and the surrounding area. There's really not much to do there, but this couple has taken to ending their boredom with the area and found a unique activity to share in together. I know there has to be some Kodak moments of their activities. Like I said, I know that area, I can guarantee it. Let's just hope they supported their local farmers and economy (of which there are plenty down there) by buying local eggs. I often would joke about the area to my buddy about how mind numbingly bored I'd get there...and Easton isn't exactly NYC. The next conversation I have with him will be quite interesting for sure. Personally, I hope they make these two clean up every single house in the Landsdale area over the last 18 months, it's only right. No mention, by the way, of how old they are. I'd love to think they were 18 or 19, but knowing the area, they could have been in their 50s.


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