30 July 2008

Move, B*tch, Get out the Way

That's the more appropriate theme song for Obama's campaign as yet another one of Obama's vocal supports gets hucked under the bus, this time it's Ludacris, who had the audacity to hope that he could Hillary Clinton a bitch and hope the John McCain would be paralyzed in the latest lyrical score he wrote on the back of napkin and then recorded. Stay classy Ludacris. Oh well, we all look forward to your improptu concerts coming soon to a grocery store parking lot near us. Actually, he owes Obama a big one, his star on the hip hop walk of fame has long since faded, so hey, at least he got a headline.

Which brings me to a larger point, there obviously can't be any more room under Obama's bus, what with Wright, Pfleger, Ayers, the entire nation of Israel, Muslims, etc, etc. Not that he has anything to worry about, after all he's like the old man who throws bread crumbs at the pigeons and the pigeons of course, represent the media. Hell, he could karate chop a baby and his minions in the press would cover for him. But alas, back to my greater point. No, this isn't a bus people are getting thrown under....it's a Monster Truck. Here we see the metaphorical representation of Team Socialism's campaign celebrating with the bodies of all his closest friends and allies from days past firmly stomped under his wheels:

Since I'm on the topic of videos, I've managed to dig up this clip from a few weeks ago where we can see Rep. Jeff Flake fighting off all types of under handed attacks from Nancy Pelosi on the floor in the House of Representatives. I think she needs a refund on the latest botox injection, though. Good stuff.


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