16 July 2008

Obama and his Surrogates Hateful Insinuendo

Obama and his idol worhiping legionnaires love making suggestions about their opponents. You'll recall his overt sexism during his race and now his blatant ageism against McCain, specifically by his and his worshipers constant use of the term "confused." Personally I don't get it and I'd like to do my part and shoot down some rumors about Obama, you know, to be helpful.

First of all, I don't know why these ideas always seem to be coming home to roost on left when they talk about equality and change, which they obviously don't truly believe in. Now don't get me wrong, I think smear against Obama are horrible, especially when it comes to religion. I have no doubt that Obama believes strongly in God, so strongly that he may even pray three times a day, at sunrise and sunset I'm sure. Perhaps out of his love for the environment he may even pray towards the direction the sun is currently sitting in when he prays.

Now, he talks about confusion but there is no confusion about Bill Ayers and his cohorts. No, he has no regrets against bombing the government and wishing he could have done more, and he wouldn't even bat an eye to do so. We've also heard the hurtful things that Jesse Jackson has threatened to do to Obama, and really, that's not cool at all. Bill Clinton even has called for Obama to "kiss his ass" and that's wrong. Why these three are so hateful, some sort of vengeful Trinity, if you will, is beyond me.

In conclusion let me just say that a total lack of experience of understanding of the issues is not Obama's fault. He's simply been campaigning since he first won an elected office, so learning about the issues and hearing things that he doesn't know, and doesn't recall being what he knew, is simply a distraction. He's not flip flopping when he says one thing and does another. In fact, his judgement to lead has been so exceptional that he has the foresight to see that the green policies he enacts will be so environmentally friendly that it precipitates a withdrawal from Iraq before the Democratic Congress can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And that...is change he can believe in.


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