31 July 2008

Ice on Mars!

Not my usual topic to be sure, but damn exciting. I know some people may not get worked up about ice being found on another planet that obviously isn't supporting life, but this has got to be one of the greatest discoveries of all time. I'll admit that since this latest expdition started, I've imagined being on the planet looking around at nothingness and being to explore the planet. I don't know if we'll be alive by the time a manned expedition gets over there (50 years from now I'll be 80, suddenly I don't feel so old), but with the advance of robotics and technological advances, dare I say, there may one day in my lifetime be a completely robotics operated station on Mars which will eventually become manned? Say, 500 years or sooner before people are actually living there in controlled man made habitats? I know we're looking at that possibility on the moon someday and we're looking at more manned missions there as well. Yea, this is a kid like post from me (a worded daydream if you will), nothing like I usually do (though I guess some may argue otherwise) but, damn, this is amazing!


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