16 July 2008

Democrats, Ethanol, Devastate the Gulf Coast

The Dead Zone at the base of the Mississippi is larger than ever thanks the Democrats' ethanol mandate and is wiping out wild life while stuffing the pockets of the Democrats and their favorite pet project investors. For all the complaining that the Democrats do about oil, not even the Exxon Valdez disaster has has this much of a drastic impact, spreading so rapidly, and threatening to do even more devastation in such a short period of time. Remember who they blasted those who opposed their ethanol subsidies and how they chide oil as being irresponsible? Where again is there an ever increasing oil spill that is destroying not just wildlife, but other industries within our borders? For that matter, seeing as how the Democrats have killed off all life in an area the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico, what again is their opposition to off shore drilling there? Hate to tell I told you so about ethanol in general and the Democrats in general, but...wait, no actually I enjoy that part. The Dead Zone and the Democrats reckless ways? Not so much.


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Ron Steenblik said...

Why does the right insist on perpetuating the myth that ethanol subsidies are a leftist plot? Who is the leading cheerleader for ethanol? The President, George Bush. Who has been the most vigorous in defending ethanol subsidies and the import tariff on ethanol? The Republican Senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley.

While it is true that the Democrat's presidential candidate likes ethanol suubsidies, while the Republican's presidential candidate does not, for the most part support for corn ethanol, and corn more generally, divides much more along regional, not party lines.