30 July 2008

Does Obama have Head Trauma?

Seriously, how do you explain this?

Notice the uneasy laughter by one person in the crowd. He's not serious, he's got to be making a joke, he has to be. If his answer to the energy crisis is to inflate tires and change spark plugs he must have stopped learning about the oil market right about the time he got his driver's license. He can't honestly think that:
1. Inflating your tires and changing spark plugs is a true solution. What's he doing reading the "Lifestyle" section of his newspaper under the tips column for his briefings?
2. That the 3% efficiency increase from properly inflated tires is the same as getting a slew of new oil to the market place. Domestically produced oil that will help get us off of foreign oil, reduce our deficit, and strengthen our dollar, which in turn will increase the buying power of all Americans.
3. Shale oil is myth. He has to know we have enough shale oil to run our nation at our current consumption levels to supply us for 100 years.
4. That people are really that stupid that they never check their tire pressure at all.

I could go on forever here, but you get the drift. That is honestly one of the stupidest statements I've heard a politician make in years. But alas, when you've got the media as your groupies, no one is going to press the issue, and hey, if his highly complex, tire inflating solution fails, there's always his Plan B, so simply a child could do it:


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