11 March 2007

Andy Rooney Needs His Old Ass Kicked

I almost never watch 60 Minutes, but tonight I flipped it on for something to watch before the Simpsons came on. Well I turned it on just in time to catch ol' prune face moron Andy Rooney come on the TV. About the only thing I ever found interesting about him was the old Beavis and Butthead skit on him, but that's another story. Today the little asshat was again pissing on our brave men and women in the service. Now normally I'm not one for punching an old man in the face, but let's face it, he deserves it. I especially feel that if you served in WWII, you should swift kick him in the balls and spit in his face. Actually, if you think the left isn't completely elitist, well you missed a tell tale story tonight. Ms. Rooney was spouting off about how the American military was terrible before the draft in WWII before the draft because it was full of losers. What constituted losers to Mr. Fuck Face? Well, loser would include high school drop outs and graduates. The saving grace to the military was when the government began drafting the "common" American who had college degrees, thereby instantly transforming our military into an invincible fighting machine. Well let's look at left wing politics today. Horse face John Kerry was talking about uneducated people stuck in Iraq and the media was quick to dismiss his "joke". Well here we are a few months later. His "joke" is Andy Rooney's truth, in fact, the truth of the left in general. In Rooney's opinion, our military is full of losers, non-college grads, who can't win a war. Well, I'm a college grad, and I'll go on the record to say that I know that I would not make as good a soldier as anyone in the Armed Forces right now. Does this make me a "chicken hawk"? No. This makes me rational, and unlike Mr. Rooney, respectful to our military. I know I can't run 15 miles a day, I own guns but I know I can't drill a bulls eye from 200 yards. Some people are good at certain things. Do you think that Bill Gates can fix a fuel pump on a Honda? Probably not. No one doubts his intelligence or expertise when he has a mechanic fix his vehicle, but yet the left seems to think they should get a pass when they question why every soldier isn't a Rhodes Scholar. In the left's opinion, the soldiers who are in our armed forces aren't even fit to decide to join. Why would the left's anti-war fanatics affix the names of soldiers who enlist in our military to their defeatist monuments without concern to what the soldier's own opinion was before they bravely and selflessly gave their lives to win the freedom of people they don't even know? The fact is the left does not support our military. The left does not support funding our troops, giving more money to pork than to our soldiers in harm's way. They ridicule and debase our troops for political gain. If you look at the returns from the military vote, as far as who the soldiers favor, and favor heavily, the soldiers know this. So when Democrats have a "slip of the tongue" what's really slipping is their elitist, defeatist bullshit. If a high school drop out joins the military, Andy Rooney labels him a loser, but if a high school drop out were to develop a zero-carbon engine, he'd be a hero. Fuck Andy Rooney, and if you see him, or any hard core, hard left fuck nut, kick them squarely in the balls for me.


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