17 February 2007

The New Democratic "Leadership" on Conflict

Damn, the windows sure are clean in Washington since the Democrats captured the majority of seats in Congress, much like the short school buses all across our great nation. In a little over six weeks we have become keenly aware of what we can expect from our new "leadership". First off, the gross lies of their campaign should have been known to everyone with an IQ higher than that of the average domesticated cat. While this could easily turn into an essay rivaling the length of the Bible, what I am going to focus on for the purposes of this entry is on the contrasts between Iraq and Afghanistan and the Democrats' so-called positions on these conflicts.

The Democratic position on Iraq is pretty clear. They want to pull out and surrender. While the average Democrat will say they are all about equal rights, devoid of racism, and for the common good, this is something in which you should call them out. Ask them how they reconcile the fact that the average member of their party will state that the Iraqis will not adopt democracy because it is not their way, not in their history to accept, and we should not have expected that of them. Well that's interesting because the system we had wasn't in place as we broke away from Britain, so obviously that conflicts with their all-inclusive stance that they claim to have. Yet the Right Wing is criticized for believing that it is human nature to crave freedom and have a say in their government. So would it not follow to reason then, that the Left Wing believes that Iraqis are fundamentally different and irreconcilable to both America in 1776 as well as now?

Logically their counterpoint will be that it is not because they are different but because it should not have been forced upon them. Upon this point, one must ask them if they were better off under the psychotic Saddam Hussein. Now some will actually say this outright, in which case, they are completely devoid of logic and there is no use in continuing the conversation at this point. If they say they are better off without Saddam Hussein and yet oppose our presence there then they open themselves up to a lapse of morality and courage.

Consider a simple argument with the jackass in question. Imagine your a police officer and you go in and arrest a parent in a bad neighborhood who is molesting a child. Now you're faced with a very upset child who is suspicious of you and your motives since they have only really heard negative things about the police. Yet you stay and watch over him despite the violence in the neighborhood. You basically adopt him, foster him, fix up his house, give him some confidence, encourage him to stand up for himself and trust the people living right next door. This process could take years right? Now imagine if when the violence of the neighborhood starts to bother you and make you uneasy, very tense at times, you skip out on this child, abandon him on his own at a very young and vulnerable state because you didn't have the balls to do the right thing. The kid winds up resenting the police and is weary of anything you may ever do in the future ever again, and hell, it goes on for a few generations before the hatchet is finally buried all because you acted with the best of intentions, for the good of this child, but you didn't stick around to take care of him. Which person in this scenario is the bigger asshole, the person who stuck around during the hard times and did the right thing, or the little shit show pissed his pants and ran home to mommy and couldn't understand why years down the line the kid grew up to abhor them.

The big thing for Democrats is the ideology in which they can't bare to criticize the Afghan war. They hate conflict, and fighting, even if it would stop the next Hitler (the comparisons to Ahmadenijad) they won't. They'd rather Israel get nuked then muster up the balls to do the right thing. But as for Afghanistan, they don't know what to do. Remember, alot of hardcore Lefties were basically laying down saying we deserved what we got for "trying to dictate" the world. However, they can't say they truly opposed this conflict because of the advances in women's rights in Afghanistan, catch 22, so they don't say much at all, even when the issue of continuing funding comes up for Afghanistan they'll sit there staring at the clouds, confused like Rosie O'Donnell in an Organic Health Food Store that sells only cucumbers.

Essentially the point of this, my first, probably way too wordy rant on this site is to show you the utter lack of logic on the other side of the isle. Remember, this is the policy that reminds people to revolt against our system, the party who's members organize rallies to huck rocks at police in cities like Seattle every time the WTO comes to town, who pursues isolationist policies, the same kind of policies that ran the lead up to WW2, who is distrusting of our own military and "its agenda" but would hail Hugo Chavez a hero for challenging our president. A party who if they tried to pull 1/1o of what they more than happily take for granted here in some of the nations they secretly love, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, etc, they'd be part of history. A party who is quick to forget 9/11 and the Iraq war have essentially the same fatality rate but that the difference between the two is that our citizens who were killed in our country died without warning, cut down for no reason, not by their own choice or for any other reason, and that our citizens who were killed over seas volunteered as young men and women, fought bravely to liberate and bring hope and a future to people they did not even know over the course of 5 years and not 5 hours. The same leadership and people of influence in the Democratic Party are the same people who spit on our Vets coming back from Vietnam, accused them of war crimes, who most likely were secretly giddy to be able to encourage their children and grandchildren to live the hippie days of "revolt" like they had experienced. How these people can stand without a spine is beyond me. The only message running from Iraq gives the world is that we are not willing nor capable of doing what we say we will do and that if you give us a bloody nose we'll go home crying to mommy. Essentially our national security depends on this position, and if you think for one second Iran and North Korea don't know this as they work on their atomic arsenal, well then you probably voted to put us in this position.


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