19 April 2007

My Letter to Harry Reid

Well, come hell or high water, here is the letter I wrote to Harry Reid:

Dear Mr. Reid:
After hearing your comments about feeling that "war is lost" I am completely disheartened. Insufficient time has been given to determine if the surge is correctly working. The situation in Iraq is not a Civil War, the pretext that your party had put in place months before the 2004 election which you are currently reiterating in the media. The situation there is not a civil war. The policy your party is pursuing is nearly verbatim with those of Al Qaeda. Mr. Reid, you can fact check this with the press release of the terrorists. Again, deplorable, is our lack of response on the Darfur issue. Not one person in your party is even drawing a comparison to Japan, a model of success, even though you yourself say that economics is a measure of success in "victory." Having many friends in our military, I find it curious, that not one military leader has come out on your side. In fact, what is again a reprehensible statement is that your party has time and again stated that our bravest of citizens had died in vain while fighting for the freedom of people from another land. How disgracefully racist is it that the hard left elements of your party argue that the people of the Middle East cannot accept democracy, as if that is some virtue that is bestowed only upon Europe, America, Australia, and some Asian nations. How can you scrub emails from Karl Rove when hard documents that Sandy Berger had stolen were proven destroyed. The sad reality is that in the first 100 plus days since your party has been in office, your leaders have given photo ops to terrorist regimes, announced to the world that your party surrenders, that your ethical party can take more money in three months than the Republicans could take in a year in inappropriate contributions, and cover stories about conflicts of interests. Rest assured Mr. Reid, if you do not address these issues, and stop playing politics with every aspect of American culture, it is not President Bush who history will judge most harshly.
(name omitted on here, but sent to Harry Reid)


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