10 June 2008

Missle Defense Test: Successful Again

We successfully shot down a ballistic missile off the coast of Hawaii using interceptors from the USS Erie. This is huge. While Democrats like Barack Obama and indeed the Dems in generally going back to the Reagan administration have staunchly opposed missile defense as some hair brained scheme, it is now apparent that our system is quite capable of defending us from nuclear attacks. That's something that should be damn near headline news, instead its admonished to near the back of news reports. This was a major investment that has truly paid off for us. This will go a long way to providing an even greater level of national defense. Of course the Russians and the Chinese are none too happy that we've developed such advanced weapon systems that we can fend off the most devastating of conventional attacks, but that is to be expected. The military should be commended for such a great achievement, equally as impressive as the satellite shoot down.


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