19 June 2008

Ah, The Inevitable Conclusion for the Liberals

Yes, inevitably we’d see the Dems getting mad about rising oil prices but not for the same reasons as you, I, and rational people everywhere. While people like Obama are fine with rising gas costs (remember, he’s not mad gas it’s at $4.00 a gallon, he’s just upset that it wasn’t “gradual”), and the Democrats lunatic fear of carbon dioxide in general, this should be a good thing for them that demand and use are down a little. But of course, Dems are concerned with the one thing Dems are always concerned about. Tax and fine revenues.
Two cases in point. Buried a ways down in this story from CNN about Americans driving a little bit less is this gem:

Peters expressed concern that the cutbacks have resulted in the collection of fewer taxes on gasoline. Such taxes are funneled to the federal Highway Trust Fund, which gets 18.4 cents per gallon from gasoline and 24.4 cents per gallon from diesel fuel.

Therein lays the real problem for Liberals everywhere. They’re not getting enough TAXES. Not to worry though, keep in mind that John Conyers (D…..of course) has already greased the wheels for 50 CENT PER GALLON TAX HIKE, on undoubtedly the Dems will push should they take Congress and the White House in the Fall. Not be outdone is point #2. Local and state governments are now slapping “fuel surcharges” on traffic fines and tickets, even as they use those insidious cameras to track down the real criminals in society, the people who go 5 mph over the speed limit or go through a yellow light. It’s all about that tax money for Democrats, never about cutting the budget or pork or unnecessary programs. They can’t even fathom the notion. They can’t even fathom the notion that it’s the citizens who are paying for these revenues.


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Rich C. said...

Why wasn't Bush urging Congress to drill for oil last summer when gas prices were going up? Why is he doing it now? I'll tell you why!

This is purely a political move. The 08 Presidential Election is coming up and many people blindly follow Obama and believe McCain is Bush II, when in reality; neither one of them are worth a dime (3rd Party FTW).

Bush asked Congress to allow for drilling for oil probably knowing that it wouldn't happen in order to make the Democrats look bad; to make them look like they don't care about gas prices.

The truth is drilling for more oil is neither a short-term nor a long-term solution. Whether this was the reason for the Dem's voting against it is irrelevant. It was a cheap shot by the GOP on the Democratic Party! Let the games begin!