08 August 2008

Venezuelans Getting Sick of Liberal's Hero Hugo Chavez

More protests in Venezuela against socialist wackjob and hero of America's left wing, Hugo Chavez. Chavez, as is well documented, is a socialist dictator who is idolized by liberals in our nation even as he destroys democracy and attempts to push himself into being a hardcore dictator while seeking to ally himself with nations who seek to undermine American security issues, Iran, and Russia, for example. Well, surprise, surprise, the Venezuelan people are sick of his anti-freedom, pro-socialist policies that have been hailed by many a Democat. Some of these policies you may recognize as being platforms of America's "Progressive Caucus" which is running the Democrat Party and has found their way onto Obama's platform:

"We said in the referendum that we didn't want that, and now he's put it in the decrees," said protester Josefina Bravo, a 59-year-old who wore a sticker reading "No means no" on her baseball cap. "That's the problem we have: All the powers are concentrated in the president."

One decree establishes a civilian militia that critics warn could emulate the citizen groups that control many aspects of community life in Cuba. Another gives Chavez the ability to designate regional authorities who critics say could undermine the power of locally elected officials.

Other decrees empower Chavez to expropriate goods from private businesses and increase state control over food, punishing business owners who fail to comply with price controls or other regulations with fines, closure and even 10-year prison terms.

A concentration of power within the federal government, the ability of the government to set price controls, redistribution of wealth, a gigantic bureaucracy, cracking down on the power of local governments which allows for greater control by the people, these are all things the left endears. The American left has different means to this end, such as eliminating the right to a secret ballot in order to force workers to form unions, who have pledged to fuel the Liberal machine with newly enforced and collected union dues. If workers want to unionize, that's fine, but the right a secret ballot is paramount to a democracy. This sort of thuggery and intimidation has no place in America.

Let me conclude by commending the people of Venezuela for standing up for the rights. We ought to stand tall with them, American foreign policy needs to strongly stand for freedom and condemn actions by nations that suppress the rights of people and continue to oppress them. One of the questions you should ask yourself as we head into a new round of elections is whether the person you intent to cast your vote for will actually stand up and speak loudly against the actions of these types of offenders.

Do some Google searches, check Daily Kos (the moonbat lunatics who you can practially see pulling Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's strings), look at all the idiot liberals in Hollywood who love Hugo Chavez. Don't fool yourself, Obama is no centrist, he's a hardened leftwing politician who has already pledged to go after private industries and have the government seize their profits, like Chavez. You really ought to read up on his plan to pay off other thugs and corrupt nations through his global tax plan that puts to focus on giving away our tax dollars to the United Nations to help "rebuild" America's image. This is the man's politics. That's why, even today, he bad mouthed America to a young child.

Freedom is our greatest asset in our daily lives, it's time we stop pissing it away by handing power to socialist style big government politicians. About six months ago I thought Hillary Clinton was extremely to left in American politics. Thanks to Barack Obama, I now know that she was centrist in her party as evidenced by just how far to left Barack Obama's political views are. Obama can go through the motions and give his little speeches all he wants, but when it comes down to it, when you compare his views , voting record, and ideas to what Chavez's views and ideas are, they are not too far apart. Hell, he's even talked about a "civilian national security force". Oh he stands for a change alright, much like the Bolsheviks stood for change in Russia.



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